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Official Launch Of The First Point On Internet exchange Congolese

Established by the regulatory agency of Post and Electronic Communications (ARPCE), the CGIX is co-financed by the Congolese government and the World Bank. It is the first operational Internet exchange point in the subregion that will allow internet users to enjoy a great digital data processing, telephone, video and emails exchanged locally. "I note with pride that our CGIX, Acronym mysterious but full of promise of safe and efficient navigation for users of the canvas in the Congo, is the first point of operational Internet exchange in Central Africa sub-region," said Thierry Moungalla. Technically, the CGIX improve the quality of Internet services and reduce costs due mainly to the use of international bandwidth by local suppliers, ensuring security, data confidentiality.

This project brings together representatives ARPCE, mobile phone operators, internet service providers and the general direction of the territorial security. Luke Missidimbazi, national coordinator of CAB project, CGIX make much quicker consultation of mails and more global access to content hosted locally.

The launching ceremony of the exchange point coincided with the start of the domain name management activities ".cg" by ARPCE through the Congolese Association Internet naming Cooperation (ACNIC), created by the Order No. 16397 of December 29, 2011.

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